The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs – as directed by the General Secretariat of the National Election Committee – and the Election Management Commission will organize elections to the Federal National Council.

The Ministry organized the first elections of the Federal National Council in 2006 taking great effort in organizing all aspects of the electoral process covering manpower, legal, technical, and logistics.

Subsequently, the Ministry organised the the Federal National Council elections in 2011,2015 and 2019, which also contributed UAE’s comprehensive development plans.

For the first time in the nation’s history, the Ministry prepared the legal framework for the Federal National Council elections, which is the “executive instructions for the elections of the Federal National Council.’ This was adopted by the National Election Committee, and various electronic systems were established to facilitate and organize all processes and procedures, including:

  • Electronic system to deal with the electoral bodies.
  • An electronic system for candidates.
  • Campaign monitoring system.
  • Electronic voting system.
  • System for announcement of winners.

The Ministry has many achievements in organizing the elections and in completing the procedures for appointing members of the Federal National Council in coordination with the concerned authorities.

The Ministry has conducted in-depth research to identify areas of improvement, so that the results and recommendations can be used in developing future electoral experiences.

The Ministry has prepared comprehensive reports for the FNC elections, documenting every electoral aspect, and highlighting the most important electoral processes and legal & procedural developments in line with the objectives of the political empowerment programme launched by President His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

The Ministry focuses on the results of the previous Federal National Council elections through its assessment to identify the best comparative practices in organizing the electoral process. The views and opinions of experts on these elections are also taken into consideration in preparing a comprehensive vision for the Federal National Council elections, including the development of strategies and plans, and the provision of human resources and equipment. This ensures the development of the electoral process to enhance the nation’s political and development experience.

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