Representation of the Gov In The FNC

As per Article 93 of the Constitution, the Government shall be represented at the meetings of the Federal National Council by the Prime Minister, one of his deputies, or a member of the Council of Ministers.

The Minister of State for Federal National Council Affairs has been the official representative of the Government at the FNC’s meetings since the creation of the post in 2006. The Minister of State shall therefore represent the Government at all FNC sessions, along with other Government representatives whose agendas includes matters pertaining to the Federal Government.

The Minister of State for FNC Affairs is also the relevant authority in the event of an FNC discussion regarding federal bodies that do not have a minister at the helm.

Coordination Between GOV & FNC

Coordination of FNC Topics

Coordination Services

By virtue of the role of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs to develop the coordination and communication tools between the Ministries of State and the Federal National Council, the Ministry has created the “Initiative of coordination”, as one of its main innovative methods of work.

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Providing Data & Information

The FNC communicates with the concerned Ministry to provide data and information on the topic which the committees of the Council study in preparation to discuss it in the Council.

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General Topics

During the stage of coordination between the Government and the FNC on General Topics, The Ministry of State for Federal National Council performs a dual role depending on the stage of the general topic. The Ministry’s role in discussing general topics shall be as follows:

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Draft Laws

The process of making laws (enactment of legislation) in the UAE legal system goes through several stages, starting with the Council of Ministers proposing the drafting of federal laws which are then referred to the FNC for discussion.

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Procedures for Formal Questions: The Federal National Council (FNC) shall address an official letter to the concerned Minister containing the question.

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The FNC issues its recommendations following the completion of discussions on general topics or questions addressed to the Government representatives. The role of the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs in this regard is as follows:

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Brief History

The initiative of the "Historical Brief of the FNC General Topics” is one of the initiatives created by the Ministry of State for the Federal National Council Affairs in its mode of operation, driven by a strong interest in developing the coordination process between the federal government (including Ministries, institutions and federal entities)…

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Attendance of Gov Members

In the event the FNC requests the presence of the competent Minister in the Council session to discuss one of the topics related to his Ministry (Federal laws drafts or general topics), the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs shall coordinate with the concerned Ministry as follows:

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The President of the Council requests the Prime Minister or the competent ministers to submit statements and clarifications concerning the claims, and the person to whom the request is submitted shall present the clarifications within no more than three weeks from the date of the referral.

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Coordination Between GOV & FNC

Opening of Legislative Chapters

This page contains information and video footage of the opening ceremonies of each legislative chapter since the establishment of the Federal National Council.

Al-Shura (counsel) has been practiced in the UAE for decades before the Union. It constitutes an authentic approach to the relationship between the Ruler and the citizens, whereby the Ruler’s Council was established as a place for the exchange of opinion and advice on various matters, as well as for listening to and addressing the problems and concerns of citizens.

As the Union was founded, it was only natural that the Federal National Council would be established as the fourth federal authority.

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Coordination Between GOV & FNC

Gov Members

The Council of Ministers is the executive arm of the UAE Government. It is tasked with executing all internal and external affairs of the Federation, under the aegis of the UAE Constitution and the federal laws.

The Council operates under the supervision of the President and the Federal Supreme Council. It comprises the Prime Minister, his Deputies and the Ministers, as well as the General Secretariat of the Cabinet.

On this page, you will find listed all the members of the UAE Council of Ministers.

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Coordination Between GOV & FNC

FNC Members

Article 68 of the Constitution of the United Arab Emirates stipulates that the Federal National Council shall be formed of 40 members. This page provides information on the members of the FNC during the 16th legislative chapter.

Half of the FNC’s members are elected by ‘electoral colleges’, whose members are nominated by the rulers of the emirates. Meanwhile, the other half is appointed. This mechanism was adopted and implemented in 2006, which marked the beginning of the first phase of the Political Empowerment Program of the late Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan.

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Coordination Between GOV & FNC

FNC Committees

This page contains information on the committees of the Federal National Council.

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