Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs Organises Entertainment Trips for Employees in Abu Dhabi and Dubai

The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) has organised an entertainment trip to Ferrari World for its employees in Abu Dhabi, while its Dubai employees visited the Dubai Frame.


The trip is part of the MFNCA’s initiatives for the Year of Tolerance that promote unity and the values of solidarity and harmony among the Ministry’s staff, in a casual setting at social and cultural locations, in an effort to promote collaboration among employees.


The activity also improves the work environment, promoting a sense of belonging and teamwork among the employees, which makes them happy and reflects positively on productivity, leading, ultimately, to achieving the Ministry’s strategic objectives.


The trip included several activities and events, including a tour of the service facilities at Ferrari World in Abu Dhabi and the Dubai Frame, which seek to make visitors happy – be they citizens, residents, or tourists from around the world.


The Ministry’s employees expressed their happiness with these trips, which were generally festive and entertaining, promoting positive interactions among staff members outside the workplace, which reflects positively on the work environment.

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