Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs organises visits to the FNC for members of Fatima Bint Mubarak Programme and Watani Al Emarat Foundation initiatives
  • The visits form part of the Ministry’s efforts to promote a culture of political participation among all segments of the community.

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 23 February 2023 – The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA) organised an awareness visit to attend the fifth session of the FNC on Wednesday, 22 February 2023, for 88 members of the Fatima Bint Mubarak Programme for Building Women’s Political Skills, affiliated with the General Women’s Union, as well as for National Identity Ambassadors and members of the Young Parliamentarians Programme, both affiliated with the Watani Al Emarat Foundation.

The visit forms part of the ongoing educational and awareness visits programme, organised by the MFNCA, in line with its strategic goal to promote a culture of political participation among members of the community and familiarise them with the parliamentary experience and its role in advancing the process of political development in the UAE.

His Excellency Sami bin Adi, Assistant Undersecretary for the Support Services Sector at the MFNCA,  asserted that the visit fits within the framework of the Ministry’s efforts to raise political awareness among all segments of the community, by educating them about the Federal National Council’s procedures and its legislative and oversight roles. The visits also introduce participants to the functions of the FNC’s permanent committees, and the specialisations and responsibilities assigned to each of them.

H.E. bin Adi noted that participants in the visit included women and youth – two of the most important community groups that the Ministry focuses its efforts on to promote the culture of political participation, raise their political awareness, and motivate them to actively participate in its events and initiatives. This, in turn, helps enrich their knowledge of various aspects of the parliamentary experience in the UAE, and its impact on the development drive taking place across all sectors.

The visit included a tour where participants explored the contents of the Museum of the Federal National Council, and met with FNC members to learn about how the Council exercises its constitutional powers.

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