Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs organizes field trip to the FNC for government employees and students

Abu Dhabi, UAE – 5 December 2022 – As part of its continuous efforts to raise political awareness, highlight the UAE’s parliamentary experience, and underline the roles that the Federal National Council (FNC) plays in the UAE’s political system, the Ministry of State for FNC Affairs (MFNCA) organised an educational field trip to the FNC for 55 individuals, including employees at government entities and students from various schools and universities.

The visit coincided with the 2nd Session of the 4th Ordinary Cycle of the FNC’s 17th Legislative Chapter. The visitors were introduced to the Council’s structure and the roles it plays in driving the comprehensive development taking place across the UAE and covering all sectors. Moreover, participants were given a detailed explanation about the FNC’s committees, how they operate, and their wide range of specialisations, which allow them to support the Council in fulfilling its legislative and supervisory roles.

Furthermore, the visit included an introduction to the Federal National Council elections, in addition to a tour of the FNC Museum, which provided a wealth of historical information about the Council and its journey, highlighting its key accomplishments. Visitors also explored the interactive Electoral Centres Map, which offers information about voting centres, and how to vote there in the elections.

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