H.E. Sami Mohammed Ali Rashid bin Adi

His Excellency Sami Mohammed Ali Rashid bin Adi, serves as the Assistant Undersecretary for Support Services Sector at the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs (MFNCA), where he contributes to setting the Ministry’s policies and strategic plans, as well as to oversee their implementation in the support services sector. He also plays a role in setting action plans and programmes for the sector, supervising coordination efforts among organisational units, and evaluating and improving said units’ performance.

Additionally, H.E. bin Adi is a member of the Job Evaluation and Description Committee and the Rewards and Incentives Committee, as well as Chairman of the Smart Government Committee for Overseeing Infrastructure and Electronic Services at the Ministry and the Chairman of the Interview Committee. H.E. is also a member of the National Elections Committee for the Federal National Council (FNC), the Elections Management Committee and the Elections Technical Committee.

Prior to this, H.E. bin Adi served as Director of the MFNCA’s Department of Strategic Planning and Measuring Institutional Performance Assessment, Director of the IT Department, and Director of the Chairman’s Office, as well as Deputy Director of the Financial Affairs Department and Acting Director of the Financial Affairs Department at the General Information Authority.

H.E. Sami bin Adi holds a University Degree in Literature, a Diploma in Programming, and a Certificate of Expertise on Quality, as well as a Certificate from the UAE Government Leaders Programme for Executive Leadership in 2011.

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