In the event the FNC requests the presence of the competent Minister in the Council session to discuss one of the topics related to his Ministry (Federal laws drafts or general topics), the Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs shall coordinate with the concerned Ministry as follows:

  1. The Ministry communicates with the competent Minister to determine the appropriate Federal National Assembly session to discuss the subject related to his Ministry.
  2. The Ministry shall receive the report of the competent committee to study the matter and forward it to the concerned Minister.
  3. The Ministry shall notify the FNC of the date of the meeting agreed upon with the competent minister, to include the subject of his Ministry in its agenda.
  4. The Ministry sends an invitation letter to the competent minister to attend the session devoted to discuss the topic concerning his Ministry, accompanied by the report in relation.
  5. In case of inquiries or clarifications by the competent minister in regards to the discussion of this topuc, a communication is established with the Ministry of State for National Council Affairs to respond to it.
  6. The Ministry of State for Federal National Council Affairs shall inform the FNC of the presence of the Minister and his accompanying staff, well in advance of the scheduled date, in order to make the necessary arrangements with the Secretariat of the Council.

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